Fairtrade Toursimus

Tourism is an important industry for developing countries. Many of these countries (and specially Zimbabwe) have much to offer and are a great value for tourists looking for authenticity and genuine cultural and nature experiences.
But unfortunately it is common use that the bulk of the profit goes into the pockets of foreign investors, while the local employees get a minomal salary. But Fairtrade Tourism is different.

The fundamental values ​​of Fairtrade Tourism

Ethictours is working wherever possible in accordance with the Fairtrade values, in respect of the local employees, the local culture and the environment. This kind of Responsible Tourism gives our customers the certitude, that their impact as Tourists is a benefit for both sides. Fairtrade Tourism can not keep up with offers for bargain-hunters: very low prices often mean humiliating low wages and absence of social standards. Ethictours won't be party to that.

Pioneer of Fairtrade Tourism in Africa is Fair Trade Tourism South Africa FTT . This organisation encourages and publicises fair and responsible business practice by tourism establishments in southern Africa, by offering a certification programme that endorses tourism establishments that meet stringent criteria. Zimbabwe unfortunately is not yet within the operating range of FTT. In the meantime Ethictours struggles to identify service providers meeting the basic criterias of Fairtrade. As an example, Ethictours entered into partnership with Kwayedza-Lodge, a Fairtrade-Accomodation near Mutare. The lodge is run by a local hotel owner, offers their employees correct wages and working conditions, participates in a conservation project in the Vumba Mountains and meets the general Fairtrade criterias.

How Ethictours impelements Fairtrade

  • Fair wages
  • Proper working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Fair trading (local products where ever possible)
  • Equitable distribution of profit
  • Compliance with Human Rights Standards
  • Compliance with social standards
  • Respecting the cultural identity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy
  • Best possible protection of the environment

How Ethictours is doing buisness

By appointing local labor exclusively, purchaising of local proudocts, when ever possible and engageming local artisans, as well as through compliance with social standards represents Ethictours as a company ensure that the local population benefits.
Wherever possible, Ethictours selects suppliers for collaboration by Fairtrade criteria. For this reason, a partnership with the Kwayedza-Lodge, near Mutare, was built up. The lodge is run by a local hotel manager, offers proper wages and working conditions, participates in a conservation project in the Vumba Mountains and also satisfies the other Fairtrade conditions.

Because the Fairtrade idea yet has not been widely used in Zimbabwe, it is still difficult to find appropriate suppliers.

Your contribution

Those who book with Ethicoturs you strengthen the local villagers economically. And because Ethictours is a Social Entreprise, the profits go to orphaned children in need of health, shelter and food