Lake Mutirikwi - Kyle


Lake Mutirikw (formerly Lake Kyle) with its beautifully situated small adjacent national park is located in the heart of Zinmbabwe, not far from the city of Masvingo. Its visit is often combined with an excursion to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe



Fauna / Flora

The park is home to zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeest, impalas and other antelope species, as well as numerous waterfowl, but usually no predators.


Most visitors to the national park stay in a self-catering lodge of the national park. Food must be brought along (from Masvingo or from Nyika when coming from Mutare). There are also a few hotels and lodges on the edge of the park.


No restaurant and no other catering in the park. Take your food and do a picnic at one of the signposted places, just the way the locals are doing (barbecue available, wood available at the National Park office)


The park can easily be visited by car. Almost all routes can be done in the dry season with 2x4 cars. During the rainy season some trails are closed and for the other roads you will need  a 4x4 car.


The closest petrol stations are in Masvingo (about 20 km). If you come from Mutare, don't forget to fill the tank in Nyika (about 80 km).