Great Zimbabwe


Great Zimbabwe is a most important witness of the history of civilization of Zimbabwe Today ancient ruins, the place used to be the seat of government of the empire of Monomotapa. In the older day, this empire ranged from the Indian Ocean in the East (today Mozambique) to the Atlantic Ocean in the west (nowadays Namibia). The name of the country of Zimbabwe after independence is based on the local name for these archaelogical excavations ("Zimbabwe", meaning: "house made of stone").



  • Part of the two biggest ancient stone structures in Africa (together with the egyptian pyramides).
  • Most intresting for visitors who are interested in history (history is not limited to Western History)
  • Shiri ye Zimbabwe: the heraldic animal on the Zimbabwean flag was found at Great Zimbabwe and can be seen at the Museum
  • Athmospheric, mystical visit, mainly early in the morning
  • Excellent stopover when driving from Mutare to Bulawayo


You can visit the ruins easily by foot. We recommend to engage a local guide for a small amount; you will get a wealth of information about the site and the history of the older days.


There are several accomodations near the site: 3*-Hotels, upmarket Lodges and self catering guesthouses as well. Some are near to the ruins, other offer a nce view over the near Lake Mutirikwi (Lake Kyle).


The hotels and lodges offer half- or full board. When self catering, you must bring your food from Masvingo (39 km).


You get to Great Zimbabwe easily by car in a 30-40 min drive on a good tar road. If you have enough time and specially for those heading towards Mutare, we propose to take the loop way around Lake Mutirikwi (rough road).


There are several filling stations in Masvingo and in addition along the Masvingo - Great Zimbabwe road.