Harare (name before idependency Salisbury) is the capital of Zimbabwe and the biggest city of the country with 1.5 mio inhabitants. Inspite of its geographical location in the tropics, the temperatures are very comfortable all over the year (around 12°-26°C). This favourable condition is due to its altitude of about 1500 meters over sea level.



  • Plenty of accomodations of all classes
  • very agreeable climate: "Sunshine City"

Note: Compared to to other big cities in developping countries, criminality in Harare is still on the low side. Nevertheless we provide advice to our customers about the areas to avoid and the general saftey rules.


It is rather difficult to get a good idea of the current cultural activities within Harare. It is our pleasure to provide advice to our customers about music events, museums to visit and other activities. A special event is "Harare International Festival of the Arts" HIFA, one of the largest festivals in Africa. The week-long festival presents theatre, music and dance performances, as well as art exhibitions, at 10 different places of the city.


There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses of different levels in Harare. We know some of the best addresses in the most prefered situations.


There are nuemours  restaurants in Harare: fast food tables like "Nando's", "Wendy" oder "Pizza Inn", but also restaurants of internationalestandard. On the other hand it is rather difficult to find a restaurant with typical african cuisine in town.

Traffic, Taxi

There is no public transport in the city of Harare. But it is rather easy to explore the not so vast City by foot. For longer distances or in case you don't know the place to go, it is best to hire a taxi (about 4 to 10 US$, airport-service around 35 US$)


The international Airport "Harare International Airport" is situated about 25 km in the south of the capital. You can hardly rely on public transport. There is a meet and greet service for our customers.